Immigrant Camera Disclaimer 

The Immigrant Camera Project is born under the necessity of expression, diffusion and awareness about immigrant situation in these uncertain days.
The objective is to showcase untold stories of
“Native immigrants”*, their day by day life, Trying to give it a more humanitarian view.
Our main objective is to face ignorance, intolerance and racism promoting acceptance, tolerance and diversity.

The people in the following photographs are immigrants in different parts of te United States of America, not a single one of them were asked about citizen status, because we believe that there is no such a thing as an Illegal human being, even Alien it is found offensive by us, we are all just people.

In the up coming photographs and stories there will be different types of post production processes. For starters this became natural as an artist to enhance the stories below and also because we don’t want to focus in the person per se, but in the story behind. Finally because of the uncertain times we are living in we want to protect the privacy of this brave Immigrants.

*Native Immigrant:
a person can be native and immigrant at the same time.
Native is considered an adjective of the place or environment where a person was born. So it is not only about where were you born but also about who were you born with. If a baby is born in some place where their fathers are immigrant, that person will always be a part of both concepts, native of the land that he was born and maybe, native of the concept immigrant and everything behind that concept, he or she might not be aware about it, even he or she might not like it, but that person will always be a native immigrant.
And in a certain level we all are, maybe we are not immigrant right now, but there are stories of modern immigration in every family.